TCRA has joined We♥Oakville, a grassroots organization of community groups and residents across Oakville which has launched a STOP AMALGAMATION campaign to protest the possible amalgamation of Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Halton Hills into a large bureaucracy, the City of Halton. 

The Province announced in January 2019 that it will be undertaking a Regional Government Review of 82 Ontario municipalities including eight regional municipalities (one is Halton).  We believe that engaging two advisors to conduct a credible review of 82 municipalities in less than six months is a flawed process, and that it is highly likely that the Province has already decided to proceed with a forced amalgamation. 

We fully support measures to ensure that regional governments are working efficiently and effectively; however, we are strongly opposed to a forced amalgamation.  We are convinced that it will: 

  • Be enormously costly and chaotic and dysfunctional for years.
  • Not produce benefits.
  • Result in a loss of our voice in a large bureaucracy.
  • Attempt to fix what is not broken in Halton

Our regional governance structure works well, so our focus should be on continually improving it rather than destroying it.  

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